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Permeabilization and staining protocol for intracellular staining

Flow cytometry laboratories usually perform immunophenotyping staining quality control on cells that are known positive for the antigens in question. Frequently those antigens are found on normal peripheral blood, that can be obtained using routine phlebotomy procedures from willing donors. The blood is stained according to the immunophenotyping standard operating procedures, acquired and analyzed and then evaluated for the appropriate % positive staining before unknown patient or experiment samples are reported. There are however, some flow cytometry immunophenotyping staining panels that contain antibodies for antigens not found on normal peripheral blood. In this case a laboratory must resort to growing and maintaining a tissue culture source for staining controls.

Phoenix Flow Systems can help you to eliminate tissue culture in your laboratory for this purpose. PFS has developed a proprietary cell fixation method. This fixation method causes cell fixed in this manner to be antigen stable for many months. Using this technology, PFS has created the CRISP Control Cell product line. PFS presently has four control cell types available, CD103 (which are also CD-25 & CD-38 positive), HLA-B27, TdT and CD-34. The CRISP control cells are stable in the refrigerator for up to three months. They ship at a ready to use concentration and require no rehydration. Phoenix Flow Systems is one of only two companies in the world that offer control cells for the TdT antigen.

CRISP control cells are stained along with your standard panel to provide a reliable, reproducible positive control.

CRISP CD-34 cells are sold as 100% positive samples and require the use of an isotypic control to generate a negative peak as illustrated on the right.

CRISP cells come in handy 10, 30 or 100 test kits.

We feel so confident that you will want to start using our CRISP control cells that we would like to send you a free sample. To request your free sample, click here.



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